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Accompaniment at each stage of electrification

We evaluate your needs to plan, design and install a ready-to-use fleet. We guide our clients through every phase of the journey with our suite of electrification and financing solutions.

Master electrification plan

Generating a long-term plan to ensure secure access to electricity is key to ensuring the seamless transition to an electric fleet.

100% electric commercial vehicles
Design and manufacture of electric vehicles in Mexico with a production capacity of up to 2,000 units per year.
Charging infrastructure and training
Secure access to the electrical network plus design and implementation of charging points, as well as support and training for your operators.
Ongoing support after the transition
Continuous optimization of your fleet with support, data analysis and maintenance for vehicles and charging points.

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360° focus
We take a holistic approach to fleet electrification. We consider the capabilities of the vehicles, their use and the routes they travel, charging infrastructure needs, emissions reduction and more to help you consider all your options.
Data-driven strategies
We consider vehicle analysis with years of experience in driving and charging EVs to help you make fleet electrification decisions informed by each vehicle's specific use, because there is no "average vehicle" in your fleet.
Oriented to operators
We want fleet managers and drivers to be 100% satisfied with their electric vehicles. We engage drivers through turnkey services that include personalized delivery, training, and ongoing support that optimizes their experience.
Focused on generating value
Our strategy and measurement process focuses on the highest value EV deployment opportunities, considering total cost of ownership, emissions reduction and value to your business.
an efficient transition

It is time to think about the electrification of your fleet.

We partner with our customers to ensure a seamless transition to an electric fleet.

What type of vehicle is best for my operation?
Where are the vehicles recharged?
Will I have enough electricity?
Will I save on maintenance?
How to face the initial cost?
Information and sales

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