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No need to wait until your diesel trucks reach end of life. Switch to electric mode without adding new vehicles to streets.

With EVERhaul, start saving costs and reducing emissions right away

EVERhaul is the conversion of a diesel truck into one with an electric powertrain. EVERhaul utilizes the original chassis structure to mount a new, highly energy-efficient, and zero-emission electric propulsion system.

Solution & Benefits

Our EVERhaul kit includes

  • Electric motor.
  • Battery pack.
  • Cabling.
  • Power electronics.

Resource efficiency

  • We work with both new vehicles and your existing fleet.
  • We help you with a TCO feasibility analysis to support your business decision.
  • EVERhaul accelerates decarbonization at efficient abatement costs.

Modular electrification designed for your operations








Driver and
technical training


Battery 2nd
life solutions

We transform your diesel fleet into electric in 8 steps


We work with your company to define the list of vehicles in proper condition to be EVERhauled.


We plan our production line to minimize disruptions in your operation. We work either in our own facilities or on your premises, depending on the best logistics.


We remove the engine, exhaust system, fuel tank, cooling system, and unnecessary peripherals.


We install the electric powertrain and customer peripherals.


We install the onboard charging system.


We connect harnesses, configure controllers, and set up the energy management system.


We conduct tests and adjustments.


We deliver and commission the vehicles.

EVERhaul accelerates transport
decarbonization and reduces your fleet OPEX


Lower investment and reduced
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Utilization of existing vehicles with
a structurally sound chassis.


Elimination of emissions from
the existing fleet with wear and tear.


EVERhaul avoids the production of additional vehicles by electrifying existing ones. This saves 18 to 20 tons of CO2 per vehicle.

EVERhaul is the way to electrify fleets without waiting for their end of life or incurring high fuel and maintenance costs typical of diesel vehicles as they age.

Discover MegaFlux's electrification solutions
for fleets and various industries.

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